Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and residential retreats provide opportunities for a deepening of self-awareness in a safe setting, providing a space in which individuals can be in community in their explorations, sharings, and support of each other.

The workshops and retreats have teaching components and also space for dialogue and discussion in the larger group as well as in smaller groups. Body movement, art expression, dream work, journaling and meditation provide portals into our inner world and create access to the connections between mind, body, soul, and spirit.



Dream Groups

The challenge is not what one will “do” but rather how to be in relationship with the sacredness of life – how to live more fully from our psycho-spiritual center. Dreams provide us with this opportunity of receiving guidance from our unconscious, bringing our ego face to face with a deep well of wisdom.


Previous Workshops & Retreats

  • Active Imagination – Connecting Soul and Body.

  • Coming Home to the Body – The Legacy of Marion Woodman at Pacifica Graduate.

  • Music: A Portal into the Sacredness of Body & Soul.

  • Annual Women's Retreat: Embodied Soul and Sacred Encounter

  • Conscious Conceptions: A Fertility Group – Working with women who are challenged in becoming pregnant.

  • Retreat: Our Masks – Inner and Outer

  • Retreat: The Eros and Psyche Myth

Kind Words from Participants

“Words cannot express how profoundly I was affected by this special time. Carol is a wonderful leader – tender, gentle and firm – very loving. I felt she cared about each of us and wanted our time together to be really productive and special so that we can be fully present with our patients and clients. I’ve been in psychothereapy groups before but this is actually much more profound.”
“Excellent, life transforming, eye opening, painfully honest, humorful, loving, deep – cannot fully express the experience – powerful!”
“Wise fierce leader, brilliant at reading the group.”
“Carol’s warm, loving, accepting spirit provided a safe place to allow me to feel fully present, experiencing both the pain and challenges as well as the possibilities in myself as well as each ember of the group.”